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Sophia enjoying her bath

Sophia enjoying her bath

We gave Sophia a few sponge baths while her umbilical cord stump was still drying and attached.  She didn’t seem to like the sponge baths very much.  Once her umbilical cord stump came off and we were able to give her “immersion baths”, the story changed!  She loved her first bath (at least the part when she was still in the water . . . its kinda cold until getting all warmed up again in her hooded towel).  We decided to give Sophia her first bath while Corey took her last herbal tea bath from Isabelle, our doula. It had lots of healing herbs in it (Comfrey root and leaf, Lavender, Myrrh and Calendula), hence the tea-stained color of the water.  She loved the feeling of the warm water and was very relaxed.  We’ve adopted this way of bathing her because she loved it so much.  She was so relaxed afterwards that she breastfed and “conked out” in the middle of the feeding.

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