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Isabelle’s last postpartum doula visit

Doula Isabelle & Baby Sophia

Doula Isabelle & Baby Sophia

Our doula for the birth (although she ended up through a series of events not at the actual delivery), Isabelle Yingling, and Bradley Birth Method Mentor and Educator came for our last postpartum visit (we had two prenatal planning sessions/visits and two postpartum “checkup” visits). She is a local Bradley Method Course Educator and has been a doula certified through DONA for nearly the past 20 years.  She spent hours before the birth answering questions about natural labor, focusing on relaxation techniques, birthing positions and helped us to complete our birthing and baby care plans.  She also helped me to focus on natural healing postpartum and provided me with specially brewed concentrated herbal healing tea baths and peri-washes.  She talked through our birth experience with Ade and I to help us piece together our birth story experience.  She also invited us to speak and share our birthing story with her current group of couples  enrolled in her Bradley Method Course when Sophia was 3 weeks old.  It was a neat experience.

In addition to Isabelle’s indispensable knowledge, I also read many books prenatally and am currently reading some during this postnatal period. They have also been indispensable and EXTREMELY helpful throughout our pregnancy.  So much so that I have pieced together a bibliography for those who are interested:

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